Successful organizational transformation means clear goals on what you want your organization to look like.

Over 25 years of executive-level business and Human Resources experience have helped Dawn develop an understanding of the complexities and challenges faced by today’s organizations. While a good part of her practice includes executives, her passion is to work with Human Resources teams to help elevate the organization’s HR function to a higher level of performance and organizational contribution. She has seen great success in helping HR Leaders and Teams evolve to a higher level of performance through her Team Transformation program, her 3 R’s of HR model (Right people, in the right jobs, doing the right things), and her individual and team coaching.

Dawn is not the consultant who will come into your organization and try to apply a standard model to fix a common problem. She is not a believer in the Hit and Run style that is so prevalent in training, team development, or consulting. She has an organic approach, rolling up her sleeves and diving in to understand how things work, why they work, and how to make them better in YOUR organization. She is pragmatic and will provide you with a viable plan of action, and is also there to help you implement and manage the changes in your organization to offer a real opportunity for success.

As a Human Resources professional, it can be difficult to navigate through the changes and challenges an organization may go through. Having a coach outside the organization is a critical element for success as you receive professional, unbiased feedback and input. With Dawn’s personal HR experience and involvement at all levels of the organization, it was easy to rely on her expert advice.  Dawn is very knowledgeable in the areas of management and behavioral theory and practices and her experience was evident in the level of professional, impartial, and constructive feedback provided. In addition to providing such feedback, she also helps to develop goal-setting strategies and, when needed, training options to consider.

Dawn asks thought-provoking and at times hard questions – which helps with defining your personal/professional goals and understanding what your values are and then being able to positively balance that with what the organization’s goals are. You will learn to truly accept what you cannot change and gain greater confidence in taking ownership of what you can change and/or ways to influence change in your organization.

Paula Fikkert, Human Resources Professional