Project Description

Human Resources Design

Off the shelf solutions and the latest and greatest models you see in best selling books may help with a specific issue, but often do not tackle the underlying challenges in an organization. They are like putting new windows in a house with a crumbling foundation. The foundation must be fixed in order for the organization be effective and thrive.

This is where Dawn McCoy, HR Strategist comes in. Dawn will look deeper into the organization and identify the cracks – the processes that are inefficient, the systems that are not working as intended, and the structures that are adding to organizational chaos and building silos. She will help you ensure you have the optimum structure for your organization, review and upgrade your people management systems, and work with you to develop and implement an action plan.

Getting the right people in the right places doing the right things is vital and that can best be done by starting with the foundation – looking at what each department does, why and how it does things. Pragmatic and hands on, Dawn McCoy works with each department developing processes that eliminate waste and meet the needs of stakeholders; ensuring the systems are available to effectively support functions, not cause additional work; and designing the optimum structure to support stakeholders.

Human Resources systems are those practices and procedures that make the people management side of your organization run smoothly. These include Performance Management systems, Onboarding, Recruitment, Compensation System, Absenteeism Management, HRIS – just to name a few. As an organization grows, systems may evolve to accommodate the growth but not in a planned way, resulting in inefficient processes that can be time consuming and frustrating for users. Alternatively,  your organization may never have had HR systems in place – you may have grown organically and your processes and systems just evolved. Dawn McCoy will do an audit on your HR processes to identify efficiencies. She can also help you put the basic components of an HR system in place to help you efficiently manage your HR processes and people.

As every HR professional knows, 75% of the work in HR is unplanned work that just comes up on a daily basis and requires attention. Add that to the 50%+ workload that is planned and something is not adding up! At least 25% of the HR work that needs to get done, important things like developing policies, training employees, creating new processes, employee engagement surveys, developing and implementing action plans, redoing job descriptions, and more, is not a priority. Until something happens that makes it urgent, and then it may be too late.

Dawn McCoy is very experienced at taking these HR projects off the corner of your desk and making them happen. Recent projects have included Workplace Harassment and Violence policies, procedures and training, setting up Drug and Alcohol programs in organizations, developing pragmatic performance management programs that work for your organization; designing, conducting and analyzing employee engagement surveys, then developing an Action plan for implementation; identifying training needs and setting up training programs, designing compensation systems and conducting market reviews.

If you have a project that you are struggling to get done, Dawn McCoy can help you with that.

As a new immigrant to Canada it was enlightening to meet and work with you. Your insight and helpfulness shaped my career. Thanks for sharing your brilliance. Forever grateful Keisha

Keisha Dunkley-Wright, Human Resources Supervisor at The Family Center

It’s rare to find someone as generous, attentive and helpful as Dawn. I benefitted tremendously from her inspiring coaching sessions and recommended self development resources. They have contributed to my success both at home and work. Dawn’s non-judgemental approach enabled my openness, helped me to identify the source of my challenges and how they impacted my success. I would strongly recommend her as your coach. 

Jonathan Saah, Surgical Network Analyst at Interior Health Authority