Who is Dawn McCoy?

I am an HR Designer as well as an HR Strategist. I don’t apply band aid solutions or use off the shelf models that fix one organizational problem, often creating another.” – Dawn McCoy

An experienced senior HR Leader with a track record of successful HR transformations, Dawn takes you on a creative journey, starting with a clean slate, and working with you to design the Human Resources processes, systems, and structure that will elevate and transform your organization. Dawn advocates a homegrown, pragmatic approach to Organizational design – specifically driven by YOUR organizational needs and culture. Molding what you already have, making some key design shifts, and working with the resources you already have are key to the successful transformation of your HR function.

The creative process does not stop once you have a clear path forward. Whether the project is an overall transformation or project specific, the plan we come up with needs to be implemented in a timely, yet realistic program that works within your budget and resources. Dawn works along with you to implement a plan to solve your Human Resources challenges. Successful change management and team coaching are some of the value-added skills and credentials Dawn brings to the table.


Dawn McCoy, as Manager of HR, was a key agent of change supporting the transformation of Sturgeon County from a quiet, slow growth traditional agricultural community to a broadly competitive, world class organization chosen by major industry and residents. Dawn worked with the senior leadership team and took a Strategic approach in addressing the people aspect of change by helping address key elements of training and development, competencies, health and safety, attendance management, performance management, compensation, reward and recognition and employee engagement delivering a motivated and professional Administration. Dawn also introduced a coaching culture at Sturgeon County, that helped Supervisors, Managers and a General Managers develop approaches to leading their business units and to bring out the best from their staff. Dawn is well equipped to help HR and organizational leaders drive change, improvement and performance in municipalities.

Peter Tarnawsky, Seasoned Municipal Executive seeking Permanent or Interim CAO Opportunity at Chief Administrative Officer



“Elevating Human Resources teams, systems and processes to enhance Organizational Performance.”

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Listen From Professionals Who Placed Their Trust in Dawn

I highly recommend Dawn McCoy as a leadership coach. She has a calm and inquisitive coaching style that will help managers at all levels be their best! Her background in municipal government makes her a great for the public sector while her experience in leadership positions would be a benefit for any organization.

Stu Leatherdale, City of Kelowna, Divisional Director, Corporate & Protective Services

Dawn blends an easygoing conversational coaching style with keen perception and positive inquiry that clarifies hurdles and accelerates growth. Our conversations are equal measures challenge, creativity, and collaboration, and somehow always refreshing and enjoyable. I have seen noticeable improvements in both my attitude and my performance at work since Dawn became my professional coach, directly resulting in more success and accomplishment.

Christopher Read, Director, Yellowhead County

When you work with Dawn, you are guaranteed a direct, pragmatic approach to even the most complex issues.  She sifts through issues with a unique screen based on a wealth of expertise and wisdom from years of experience in human resources, organizational development, and talent management in a very diverse range of industries.  You can expect a coach approach to every conversation that is solution-focused.  I have worked with Dawn in many capacities over the years and highly recommend her. 

Linda Maul, Chief Disruptor, Accountability by Design Inc.

Let’s Talk

Dawn would love to have a coffee to discuss what your challenges are. This pressure free conversation is all about you. You may choose to book another coffee to learn more about what Dawn can help you with, but you may also just find that you get enough out of this conversation to move forward on your own. It’s up to you!

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